This is an older piece that I created back in 2017. The first frame that you see is actually the original piece.  I made several more and made a very short clip.  This piece references something that I have rarely spoken about.  Approximately five or six months before I began my spiritual awakening process, I was working on writing my dissertation about choosing and deciding the language of trauma.  The subject matter had weighed heavily on me ( among other things at the time) and I felt like I was being cut off from something.  It felt like death.  
   I will admit I was not really a believer of God or the highest self or anything prior to this. In the moment I actually took a leap of faith and asked God/the universe for mercy over and over again.  Probably minutes later I felt this light and it almost felt like someone breathed into me and I felt my heart light up.  This piece references that moment.

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