This piece (finalized version above) began as gift that I was going to give a friend.  One of her favorite artists is Vladimir Kush and she particularly really likes "Last Supper" c. 2012. What I originally did was layer in images of sunflowers as well as a lion (as she feels connected to this animal. See below).  I was trying to create a piece that reflected who she is.

As my understanding of my friend changed (as well as transformative ideas about myself), this piece expanded into "Infinium." I was having trouble figuring out how to finish a piece that I began over a year and half ago and then I realized that I was creating something based on the mundane. I know this person as a part of the infinite, in the higher dimensions, beyond time. That is how I decided to shift this piece. At one point I felt like I had hit a wall and then Ivan Torrent's "Infinium" (I highly recommend this piece of music) came up on my playlist and it was in this moment that I knew what to title this work. My goal was to create art that captured (however small and not fully complete) the idea of the angel and the infinite as reflected in this person and I would like to think that I succeeded.

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