Ascension. I know the planet itself has ascended and every person on this Earth now has a choice to follow. My teachers have taught what ascension and a 5D solid state are as well as the beauty of what is to come, but honestly, none of this means anything to me. It's not that their words have no value. No. I haven't yet discovered what ascension and  ascending mean to me.  I know why I am on this earth and I can see glimpses of the potential I have and yet, there feels like there is an indomitable fear that I have yet to conquer.

Ascend(ing) shows the glitches and shakedowns of my journey. In 2020 I massively deflated because of all the illusions and labels that I attached to myself, which I believed to be TRUTH. From this deflation, I was given the opportunity to experience redemption and begin to learn who I AM. This piece embodies the idea that as the glitches (in my memory and beyond) and misunderstandings begin to clear (even if not all in this life), what is left is a Being of joy, innocence, and immortality: a Divine Creator. I may not feel completely worthy of my role as a divine creator in this life or even ascension. All I know is that it is something that I have been working towards, even unconsciously. Ascend(ing) is like rising up through the clouds in a storm, breaking through to see the beauty of the sun waiting to greet you. On the other side is I AM.

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