When my spiritual journey first began 5 years ago, I thought the process of "awakening" was both the beginning and the end of my evolution. I tried to carry on with my life and reinsert myself into a world which I no longer belonged to. Since that time, I have used art as a way to process the reality that I saw around me and did not understand. I knew my purpose involved art, but the future self that I saw seemed miles ahead of where I believed I could ever be. At the time,  what I did not know was that an awakening is not enough to come into embodiment.  I learned that spirituality is working on and constantly improving myself. Over the past two years, I have undergone a journey that is beyond words. While the world panicked from the pandemic,  I fought with every illusion about myself that I thought was true and held as truth. At the core of my struggle was my inability,  or rather,  my resistance to remembering who I AM. Most of that resistance came from the fear of my own power and potential, which I had abused in other lifetimes. I had to and still grapple with the idea that I am now being asked to participate in creation instead of destruction. This feels overwhelming and almost everyday I battle with layers of unworthiness.

My digital artwork reflects my journey to rediscover the meaning behind "I AM" and  my role as a creator.  For me, getting to "I AM" is through authenticity and speaking truth. "I AM" means stepping into and through my fears in order to come into my potential and grow into my role as the creator my Divinity is and sees me to be.  As I work towards the worthiness of being a creator,  I often encounter misunderstandings and glitches in my memory of who I AM beyond time and space. My artwork embodies the idea that as these glitches and misunderstandings begin to clear, what is left is a Being of joy, innocence, and immortality: a Divine Creator.

Before beginning any art piece, I connect and commune with my Divinity to guide the art process. Recently my Divinity has allowed me to receive downloads via my dimensional sight.  I see sacred geometry and I then just intuitively know what to incorporate into my pieces.  From this and from other methods that I do not fully understand or can put succinctly into words, my Divinity helps me infuse light and light codes into my art as a means to help those who are receptive.  The purpose of this is to help reawaken humanity's light, and as such, bring light and beauty back to this world.

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